Member Performances

 Take a look at individual performances by Motor City Ukes members.

    Ukulele Kings

  This ukulele trio is based out of Lansing, Michigan.

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     Thumbs Up

   Detroit's premier Velvet Underground Ukulele Duo.

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   Mitch Chang

  Mitch plays ukulele and slack key guitar and provides web based instructional videos.

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     Ryan Rodriguez

  Ryan is an accomplished ukulele player  and founding member of Motor City Ukes.

           View Ryan's Video "143"

View Ryan's "Bandito Tyler"



    Hilo Greg

   Hilo Greg has two CD's of ukulele based original songs.

View Hilo Greg's Video



    Mike Kassel

  Mike is a singer, songwriter and uke blogger.

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  Hoaloha Polynesian Dance Group

  Friends, fellow members and performance partners.  Based in Plymouth, MI.

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    Steve Szilagyi

  Steve plays both tenor and bass ukulele.


 View Steve's Video



   Nick & Tonya Kopas

  Founding members, organizers and lead vocalists of Motor City Ukes

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  Mark Swarthout

  Founding member of Motor City Ukes and avid ukulele collector.

     View Mark's Ukulele Collection Here 




   John French

  John plays ukulele and banjo uke and is a budding videographer.

View John's Video



    Sara Wagner

   A longstanding member of Motor City Ukes and very active in Michigan's ukulele community.

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   Chuck Deyo

  Chuck plays ukulele, banjo uke, guitar, harmonica and is a prolific songwriter.


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           Jerry Partovich's photo.

   Jerry Partovich

   Jerry plays ukulele and hails from Ann Arbor.

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    Craig Fuller

    Founding member, webmaster and co-organizer of Motor City Ukes.

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